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Introducing Bastard Pig Parts for Harley Davidson

Unazom Marketplace has acquired an inventory of parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles. These parts are not in the original packaging.  They can be American made Genuine Harley Davidson parts or they may be from one of the many aftermarket companies that make replacement parts anywhere on earth.

We have decided to create a category / brand for these parts. “Bastard Pig Parts” are listed by the Harley Davidson part number that they will replace. Other than being made for your Harley, it should be noted that they are “Made on Earth”

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Rowe USA Ampco®45 Nickel Bronze Valve Guides for Harley Davidson

Ampco® 45

AMPCO® 45 is a high strength alloy with mechanical properties that, due to its special manufacturing process, exceed the range of commercial nickel-aluminum bronzes. AMPCO® 45 is particularly useful in applications involving abrasive wear, friction, deformation, chemical erosion. This is why Eddie Rowe chose Ampco® 45 to make his premium Rowe USA Ampco® 45 valve guides.



Rowe USA Valve Guides

Rowe USA part numbers begin with a four digit code followed by the oversize (measured in thousandths of an inch). As seen on the chart a 1966 Shovelhead exhaust valve guide is  4501-00 for a standard replacement guide. 4501-02 would be .002 inch oversize on the outer diameter. A standard valve guide diameter is .5655 inch and the oversize would be .5675 inch. Oversize guides are designed to allow proper press fit. Distributors like Custom Chrome and V-Twin Mfg. created their own unique part numbers for Rowe USA guides. Since Rowe USA is out of business (2013) you will find a variety of obsolete inventory listed with different part number systems.

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