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Over the last 20 years Claynes Media collected a bunch of data related to the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Unazom Marketplace created this page to pull together all of the consolidated data. Links at bottom of page and Older eBay Listings in left sidebar area.(below on mobile)

Harley Davidson as a company has used (3) three distinct numbering systems for it’s parts and accessories over their long history. Our main interest is in the 2nd or middle system. That system applies to the popular Big Twins prior to 2010.

Many times parts are referred to by this numbering system, even when the parts are manufactured by companies other than the factory. There are many such companies due to the overwhelming interest in the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Factory parts are primarily sold by the dealership, however when dealers close or simply sell off slow moving inventory, the parts are now sold outside the normal distribution chain. Older parts of this nature take on the name NOS (new old stock).

When a non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) enters into the parts supply chain, it is called “Aftermarket”. Many parts and accessories are created in this way. Certain companies take great pride in making a part as exact or even better than the original factory parts. Other companies simply build parts to offer an economic alternative to the factory parts pricing model.

The basic Harley Davidson parts numbering system is widely used by most of these Aftermarket companies. It is a good consumers job to ascertain the source of the parts that he or she may purchase. But it is also important that the seller properly discloses this information. So when the part numbers seem to be the same on parts from different companies you can see why the additional information should be provided.

The following inventory is a compilation of parts from the closure of several independent Harley shops, swap-meet vendors, and large inventory buy outs from stores still in operation including a franchised dealer and a national distributor. If you have a Harley Davidson part number, type the number into the search box on any page.

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Harley Davidson (OEM / NOS)

“Aftermarket Companies”

Bastard Pig
Custom Chrome Inc.
Drag Specialties
Chrome Specialties
Gary Bang
Rowe USA
Bikers Choice
V-Twin Mfg.

Additional Historic Information

Classic HD Archive (formerly vtwinengines.com and currently under-construction)


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