News From Unazom Marketplace

Time line of events:

2020-08-14 The Unazom checkout is now beta testing Stripe for Apple Pay and Google Pay integration.
2020-05-09 Unazom has been notified by eBay of an upcoming change in payment processing on items sold at our eBay outlet store, besides the PayPal, they will offer other options. This website however will continue with the PayPal as usual.
2020-04-28 Adding inventory in bulk, some images and prices are missing, contact us if this impacts you, our eBay business has slowed due to Covid-19, so we are working on the website to triple our inventory.
2020-04-03 Currently working around Corona/Covid-19 issue. Notice now placed on this site.
2020-03-17 Contact Form suspended due to spammers.
2019-12-08 Site header “logo” changed to better reflect our business model of selling new old stock inventory.
2019-03-04 Contact Form malfunction discovered and repaired. Our Server and overall site performance has been upgraded.
2018-11-26 becomes a Brand of Overplus LLC.
2016-08-25 Registration of domain name and eBay User ID.