Polaris 2434014 TERM BOARD ASM MFD


Polaris 2434014 TERM BOARD ASM MFD

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The boards on Polaris watercraft come in two styles, those with on fuse, and those with two. They are designed to connect wires together, so the location on the board is less important than the writing on the board. The main thing is connecting wires with like colored wires, tan to tan black to black, etc. the newest board is two fuse, and while the part number is usually listed as 2434014, most of the boards are marked 4040071. Our 2434014 is marked 4040071

(Superseded part numbers)


The 4040071 should have all of the connection points and the second fuse, while the 4040069 is the newest one fuse version. The lower numbers 45,55,60,68 can be upgraded to the higher numbers 69 , 71

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