Rowe USA

Rowe USA Story

Rowe USA was founded by Edward “Eddie” Rowe and his wife Sharon in 1970. In Santa Maria, California it all came together for Eddie, he was in his early 30’s and his love for riding and racing motorcycles combined with his work ethic and business sense laid the foundation of what would become a household name to Harley Davidson mechanics worldwide. The quality of his products exceeded all others. Precision machining and innovative tools boosted the motorcycle industry into the next century. Rowe USA closed its doors with Edward’s passing in 2013. The Rowe catalog was always excellent for finding dimensions and fitment. This legacy project is designed to keep this important data available to the enthusiast and offer direction to those seeking products that resemble Rowe USA products.

Core data was used and enhanced to mirror the historic website. Links to available Rowe products are included. These high quality parts are no longer available from distributors.