Unazom Marketplace at eBay

Direct link to our eBay Store: Unazom Marketplace

In many ways eBay led to to founding of Unazom. For many years parts were sold and traded at swap meets or in stores. When eBay came along we soon found that it was a perfect way to match parts with people who needed them. While we miss the loading and driving part a little less than the meeting and trading part, swap meets were slowly giving way to eBay sales. At some point we stopped the swapmeets and dove in head first to become “Power Sellers” at eBay.(screenshot 7/29/2018)


Through eBay we became a user of PayPal, which proved to be a trusted partner as well. No one or no company is perfect, but these two have helped us and our customers more than we ever believed.

On the left side of the page (or below on mobile) you will see recent items we have listed at eBay, older listings sorted by category, and also an archive sorted by month and year.
Find the whole list in descending chronological order here. eBay listing blog
Visit our “new” eBay store here. Unazom Marketplace to see active live listings sorted by brand.