NOS Yamaha Motor Corporation Parts

Unazom Marketplace purchased the inventory of a major dealer of Yamaha Scooters , ATV’s and Personal Watercraft in 2009. This inventory of NOS (new old stock) Yamaha Parts has many obsolete and out of production parts that are unavailable at other warehouses. Keep in mind the age of this inventory, especially parts made from rubber. Unazom has no warranty protection.

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Yamaha Motor Corporation Parts

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Recent list of our NOS Yamaha Parts:

Yamaha 11H-13556-11-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD
Yamaha 11H-82560-00-00 THERMO SWITCH ASSEMBLY
Yamaha 11H-83591-00-00 THERMO UNIT
122-23416-00-00 Ball Race Cover
Yamaha 122-23416-00-00 COVER, BALL RACE
Yamaha 12R-11416-00-00 PLANE BRNG, CRSF
133-82131-00-00 ATV Battery Strap Band
1983 -84 Yamaha Riva 80 13T-21683-10-00 PLATE, SPEC
Yamaha 13T-28315-00-00 EMBLEM
13T-28367-00-00 Riva Cowling Bracket
Yamaha 13T-28367-00-00 BRACKET
13T-83324-00-00 Riva 80 Flasher Base
13T-85122-00-00 Riva Reflector Bracket
14A-28337-00-00 Riva Leg Shield Holder
14A-83318-01-00 Riva Flasher Stay
14T-11636-00-00 50cc Piston 2nd Oversize
Yamaha Jog 14T-14384-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBER
Yamaha Jog 14T-14384-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBER
14T-15316-00-00 Riva Clutch Damper
14T-15379-00-00 Riva Crankcase Seal
14T-16626-00-00 Breeze Clutch Spring
Yamaha Riva 14T-21714-00-00 KNOB, SIDE COVER
14T-21770-00-00 Riva 50 Oil Tank Cap
14T-24728-00-00 Riva 50 Seat Bracket
156-23412-00-00 Ball Bearing Race
Yamaha 164-22216-00-00 BUSH, REAR SHOCK ABSORBER
Yamaha 164-26363-00-00 END, CABLE
Yamaha XJ650 Carb 16G-14147-00-00 O-RING
Yamaha 16G-W1496-00-00 VALVE SEAT SET
Yamaha 17L-14190-00-00 NEEDLE VALVE ASSEMBLY
17L-16626-00-00 Riva Clutch Spring
17L-16626-00-00 CV50 CV80 Clutch Spring
Yamaha 18A-14143-19-00 JET, MAIN (#95)
Yamaha 193-14142-20-00 JET, PILOT #20
193-14142-27-00 Riva 80 Pilot Jet 27.5
Yamaha Turn Signal Mount 1AA-83318-00-00 STAY, FLASHER
Yamaha Morphous Clutch 1B7-17632-10-00 WEIGHT
Yamaha 1D7-22126-00-00 COLLAR, DISTANCE
1E9-82530-02-00 XJ XVZ Stop Switch
Yamaha 1HV-14147-00-00 O-RING
1J3-W0047-00-00 Caliper Kit XS
1L9-84334-60-00 Nylon Adjust Nut
Yamaha Adjusting Nut 1L9-84334-60-00 Headlight
1MH-F3411-00-00 Ball bearing race
Yamaha Riva 1251MM-21781-00-00 EMBLEM
1TA-1441K-00-00 Virago 1100 Emblem
1UV-24610-00-00 Razz Fuel Cap
1UV-85122-00-00 Reflector Bracket CE50ET
Yamaha 1UY-22141-10-00 SHAFT, PIVOT
1XX-11631-00-A0 Riva 200 STD Piston
1YU-13473-00-00 Razz Oil Pump O Ring
Yamaha 1YU-14331-00-00 SPRING, THROTTLE VALVE
Yamaha 1YU-14371-00-00 PLUNGER, STARTER
Yamaha Razz Zuma 1YU-14384-00-00 GASKET CARB
1YU-16626-00-00 Razz Clutch Spring
1YU-17467-00-00 Razz Chain Guide
1YU-17468-00-00 Razz Chain Guide
Yamaha 1YU-81801-M0-00 BRUSH SET
Yamaha 1YU-W2470-00-00 SEAT LOCK ASSY
Yamaha 1YW-14147-00-00 O-RING
1983 – 1986 Yamaha Riva CA50 Ignition Cap
Riva Cap Switch 20G-82552-20-00
20G-83318-00-00 Riva Flasher Stay
1983-86 YAMAHA CA50 RIVA HEADLIGHT RING RIM 20G-84115-60-93
20G-85110-00-00 Amber Reflector
Yamaha 20G-85110-00-00 – FRT.REFLECTOR ASSY
20K-24602-04-00 V-Star Locking Fuel Cap
214-11198-01-00 ATV Drive Shaft Gasket
Yamaha 214-14195-00-00 WASHER, NEEDLE VALVE
Yamaha 22F-14184-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBER
22F-23411-01-00 Ball Bearing Race
Yamaha 22F-23412-01-00 RACE, BALL
22K-11633-01-00 Piston Pin ATV
Yamaha 24X-11351-00-00 GASKET,CYLINDER
24X-11990-00-00 Push Rod Exhaust
Yamaha 25G-13543-01-00 HOSE, AIR
Yamaha 25G-14107-20-00 NEEDLE VALVE SET
25G-14417-00-00 Riva 180 Air Filter Cover
25G-14437-00-00 Riva 180 Air Filter Duct
25G-14472-01 Screen
25G-14485-00 Air Cleaner Joint
25G-15138-00-00 Riva Nozzle
25G-16540-00-00 Riva 180 Clutch Roller Weight
25G-16576-00-00 Riva 180 Clutch Damper
25G-16577-00-00 Riva 180 Clutch Damper
Yamaha Riva Clutch 25G-17631-00-00 CAP
Yamaha 25G-21535-00-00 NUT
Yamaha 25G-21578-00-00 EMBLEM
25G-24522-01-00 Riva Fuel Tank Gasket
Yamaha 25G-24522-01-00 GASKET
25G-26216-20-00 Riva Handlebar Cap
Yamaha 25G-27212-00-00 SHAFT, BRAKE PEDAL
25G-27475-30-00 Cap
25G-27476-00 Riva Breather Cover
25G-27476-00-00 Riva Breather Cover
Yamaha 25G-27476-20-00 CAP
Yamaha 25G-28321-00-00 STAY, LEG SHIELD L
Yamaha 25G-28322-00-00 STAY, LEG SHIELD R
Yamaha Riva 25G-2834J-00-00 CAP
25G-28356-00-00 Riva Stay
Yamaha Rear Bracket 25G-81820-00-00 Starter Assy
25G-81950-01-00 Electric Relay
Yamaha 25G-82560-00-00 THERMO SWITCH ASSEMBLY
Yamaha Left Front Lens 25G-83312-00-00
25G-84332-H0-00 Headlight Screw Spring
Yamaha Riva 25H-21782-00-00 EMBLEM
Yamaha 25J-82580-51-00 WIRE HARNESS ASSEMBLY
25J-85112-00-00 Black Reflector Bracket Riva
25J-85122-00-00 Riva 180 Reflector Base
26K-14941-28-00 Riva 180 Carburetor Main nozzle
27V-14453-00-00 Scooter Air Filter Joint
Yamaha 296-21772-00-00 GASKET, CAP
Yamaha 2A6-83922-00-00 LEVER R
2E9-23412-00-00 Ball Bearing Race
Yamaha 2E9-23412-00-00 RACE, BALL
Yamaha 2E9-23413-01-00 RACE, BALL
Yamaha 2E9-23454-00-00 NUT
2E9-25135-00-00 14T Scooter Speedo Drive Gear
2E9-25137-01-00 QT50 Ring Stop
2EK-23141-00-00 Razz 50 Fork Spring
Yamaha 2EK-83312-00-00 LENS, FLASHER
2EK-83313-00-00 Scooter Flasher Lens gasket
Yamaha 2EK-84395-00-00 RING, RETAINING
2EK-85137-00-00 Razz Reflector Base
2EX-82310-M0-00 Razz Ignition Coil
Yamaha 2EX-82552-20-00 CAP, SWITCH
Yamaha 2F9-84375-00-00 SETTING PLATE, BULB
2FG-24610-00-00 Pee Wee Fuel Cap
2G2-24512-00-00 XS Fuel Tank Gasket
Yamaha 2G2-W0047-00-00 CALIPER SEAL KIT
Yamaha 2GH-24183-00-00 DAMPER, LOCATING
Yamaha 2GU-22151-10-00 SEAL, GUARD
Yamaha 2GU-84334-00-00 NUT, ADJUSTING
Yamaha 2GU-84345-00-00 DAMPER, HEADLIGHT
Yamaha 2H0-83922-30-00 – LEVER R
Yamaha Jog Fender Decal 2HE-2839H-10-00
Yamaha 2HR-W0069-00-00 CUP SET
Yamaha Base Gasket 2J5-11351-00-00
2JA-13610-10-00 Jog Zuma Reed Valve
Yamaha 2JA-27475-40-00 CAP
Yamaha 2JA-27475-50-00 CAP
2JA-27475-90-00 Plastic Cover Cap
Yamaha 2JA-27476-60-00 CAP
2JA-27476-90-00 Plastic Cover Cap
Yamaha 2KW-W0099-00-00 CYL KIT, MASTER (CLUTCH)
Yamaha 2NA-83922-01-00 LEVER
Yamaha 2T4-14126-01-00 – GASKET
Yamaha 2T4-83912-02-00 – LEVER
Yamaha 2T4-83922-02-00 – LEVER
2VK-85127-00-00 Black Reflector Base Jog
2VK-85137-00-00 Jog Reflector Base
2XJ-14458-00 Air Filter Guide Blaster
Yamaha 304-14184-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBER
Yamaha 314-13613-01-00 REED, VALVE
Riva Audio Pilot 31G-83390-20-00
Yamaha Float Chamber Gasket
32N-16626-00-00 Clutch Spring
Yamaha Clutch Hub 32N-17660-00-00 SEC FXD
Yamaha 32N-17670-01-00 SEC SLIDING SHEAVE
Yamaha 33A-21780-50-00 RIVA Trunk Lock
35R-13613-00-00 Jog Reed Valve
Yamaha 35R-13621-00-00- GASKET, VALVE SEAT
Yamaha Riva Leg Shield Hinge
Yamaha Riva 50 35R-24500-01-00 Petcock
Yamaha 36F-14392-00-00 VALVE, NEEDLE
36Y-82530-02-00 FJ Stop Switch
388-11631-00-96 STD Piston RD60
Gray Yamaha Plastic Cover
3AA-84331-00-00 Headlight Aiming Screww
3B3-F4726-00-00 Seat Hinge C3 Scooter
Yamaha 3B3-WF514-10-00 BRAKE SHOE KIT
Yamaha 3BN-21770-01-00 OIL TANK CAP ASSY
Yamaha 3DM-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
3EK-83312-00-00 Riva 125 Turnsignal Lens Amber
Yamaha 3EK-83312-00-00 LENS, FLASHER
3ES-85127-00-00 White Reflector Base
Yamaha 3ES-85137-50-00 BASE, REFLECTOR
3F7-14984-00-00 Carburetor Bowl Gasket SR XS
Yamaha 3FD-11351-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER
3G2-14231-25-00 Carburetor Main Jet #125
Yamaha 3GH-21568-00-00 ATV WARN.LABEL GEN
3HK-13621-00-00 Intake Gasket
3HK-14613-00 Exhaust Gasket
Yamaha 3HK-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
Yamaha 3JB-24162-10-00 EMBLEM 2 | XV535SG
Yamaha 3KJ-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
3KJ-14437-00-00 Jog Intake Duct
3KJ-14453-00-00 Jog Air Cleaner Joint
Yamaha 3KJ-23411-01-00 RACE, BALL
3KJ-26342-00-00 Jog Cable Boot
Yamaha 3KJ-26342-00-00 BOOT, CABLE
Yamaha 3KJ-26342-00-00 BOOT, CABLE
3KJ-82129-00-00 Jog Battery Cover
3LA-81960-01-00 Rectifier Regulator
3M8-11181-00-00 Head Gasket 80cc Scooter
3M8-11636-01-00 .50 Over Riva 80 Piston
Yamaha 3MT-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXST PIPE
Yamaha 3R3-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
3SA-85127-00-00 Jog Reflector Base
3T5-24612-10-00 Gas Cap Gasket
Yamaha 3TB-W0057-00-00 PISTON ASSY, CALIPER
Yamaha 3VD-14613-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
3VL-E1351-00-00 Zuma II Cylinder Base Gasket
Yamaha 3VL-E1633-00-00 PIN, PISTON
Yamaha Mirror Bracket 3VL-F629N-00-00
Yamaha 3VL-F629R-00-00 BRACKET MIRROR
3VL-F636A-00-00 Zuma II Cable End
3VL-H3915-00-00 Zuma Handlebar Lever Screw
3VL-H3916-00-00 Nut,Lever Fitting
3VL-H3982-00-00 Zuma II Decompression Collar
3VR-16626-00-00 Clutch Spring
3XG-F5919-01-00 Zuma Brade Pad Support
3XG-F5926-01-00 Zuma Caliper Bolt
Yamaha 3XG-F5926-01-00 CALIPER BOLT
Yamaha 3XY-E1601-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD)
Yamaha 3XY-E1601-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD)
3XY-E7623-00-00 Zuma Clutch Cam
3YJ-23414-00-00 Ball Bearing Race
Yamaha 3YJ-23414-00-00 RACE, BALL
3YJ-23415-10-00 Vino Ball Race Cover
Yamaha 3YX-14613-00-00 GASKET,EXST PIPE
Yamaha Seca Chain Adjuster Plate
Yamaha 434-21771-00-00 BODY, CAP
449-85131-02-00 Rear Red Reflector
Yamaha 4B5-83912-00-00 LEVER
Yamaha 4B5-83922-00-00 LEVER
Yamaha 4BP-27461-01-00 FOOTREST
Yamaha 4G0-12117-00-00 RETAINER, VALVE SPRING
4G0-12118-00-00 Valve Keeper Cotter
4G0-14453-00-00 Air Cleaner Joint
Yamaha 4G0-83312-00-00 LENS, FLASHER
Yamaha 4G3-83912-00-00 LEVER
4JC-14453-01 Air Cleaner Joint
Yamaha 4JP-14384-01-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBER
4KH-H3962-00-00 Hose Spring Clamp
Yamaha 4NG-E1181-00-00 – GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
Yamaha 4SB-E1603-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD)
4SB-E4103-01-00 Zuma Throttle Screw
4SB-E4134-00-00 Zuma II Air Adjust Spring
4SB-W0001-00-00 Zuma II Carb Gasket Kit
Yamaha 4SC-E1351-00-00 – GASKET,CYLINDER BASE
Yamaha 4U8-81980-M0-00 DIODE ASSY
Yamaha 4V1-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
4V2-12494-00-00 Pipe Seal Hose
4WX-E3555-10-00 Zuma 50 Intake Manifold
4X4-24500-00-00 Fuel Petcock
4X7-13595-00-00 Virago Joint Tee
50M-12151-00-00 ATV Rocker Arm 80 100
Yamaha Riva 125 50M-14342-17-00 JET, PILOT (34)
Yamaha 50M-14355-00-00 PLUG
50M-14384-00-00 Riva Carb Float Bowl Gasket
50M-14397-00-00 Riva Carb O Ring
50M-1490J-00-00 Riva 125 Needle Jet
50M-15512-00-00 Breeze StarterIdler Gear
50M-17632-00-00 Breeze Clutch Roller Weight
Yamaha Riva 125 50M-21243-00-00 PLATE, BRIDGE
Yamaha 50M-27433-00-00 COVER, REAR FOOTREST
Yamaha 50M-81801-M0-00 – BRUSH SET
Yamaha 50M-81950-00-00 Relay Assy
50M-85110-00-00 Riva 125 Reflector
50M-85122-00-00 Riva Reflector Bracket
50W-11651-00-00 KT100 Connecting Rod
50W-28321-00-00 Riva 124 Stay
517-14190-15-00 Riva 80 Carburetor Float Valve
Yamaha 51J-26246-00-00 – END,GRIP
51Y-13411-00-00 ATV Oil Strainer
51Y-14462-00 Air Filter Seal
51Y-23145-00-00 Oil Seal
Yamaha 52W-21770-00-00 OIL TANK CAP ASSY.
598-11181-00-00 Head Gasket 80cc
5G3-11631-00-97 STD Piston CV80
Yamaha 5G3-14184-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR
Yamaha 5G3-14184-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR
5G3-21755-00-00 Riva Damper Clamp
Yamaha Damper Clamp 5G3-21785-00-00
5G3-23317-00-00 Riva Cable Holder
5G3-25135-00-00 Speedo Drive Gear
Yamaha 5G3-26241-00-00 GRIP (L.H)
Yamaha 5G3-26263-02-00 PIECE, CONNECTING
Yamaha 5G3-27433-01-00 COVER, RR FOOTREST
Yamaha 5G3-2744E-00-00 HOOK
5G3-28345-01-00 Riva Molding
5G3-28347-01-00 Mold 3
Yamaha 5G3-81801-00-00 BRUSH SET
Yamaha 5G3-83586-00-00 SOCKET ASSEMBLY
Yamaha 5GD-W253E-11-00 BRAKE SHOE KIT
Yamaha 5GJ-83912-00-00 LEVER
Yamaha 5GJ-83922-00-00 LEVER
5H0-81844-01-00 Starter O Ring Gasket
Yamaha 5H0-81844-01-00 GASKET
Yamaha Raptor 660 5LP-14105-10-00 PILOT SCREW SET
5PJ-H3980-00-00 Stop Switch
Yamaha Majesty Clutch 5RU-17632-00-00 WEIGHT
Yamaha 5SL-83922-00-00 LEVER
Yamaha 5SW-W253E-00-00 – BRAKE SHOE KIT
Yamaha 5Y1-83312-00-00 LENS, FLASHER
Yamaha 620-1423A-75-00 JET, MAIN (#122.5)
62G-62693-00-00 PWC Spout
63M-W0004-00-00 PWC Reed Set
64X-14398-00-00 PWC Gasket Carb
Yamaha 66E-14211-00-00 SCREW, PILOT ADJUSTING
Yamaha 6F5-24563-00-00 ELEMENT, FILTER
6K8-14563-00 O Ring
Yamaha 6K8-14563-00-00 O-RING
Yamaha 6K8-45567-00-01 SHIM (T=0.1)
6KS-14451-00-00 Air Cleaner Element
Yamaha Waverunner Drive Shaft Collar
Yamaha Carburetor Repair Kit 6M6-W0093-00
Yamaha Carburetor Repair Kit 6R8-W0093-00-00
738-14522-00-00 KT100 Idle needle
738-14538-00-00 Carb Inlet Needle Kart
787-11637-02 Over size Piston KT100
Yamaha Race Kart 787-14291-00-00 CARB BRACKET
787-14521-00 KT100 High Speed Needle
789-11181-00-00 KT100 Head Gasket
7F6-11641-00-00 KT100 Piston Pin Washer
Yamaha 7F6-11641-00-00 WASHER, PISTON PIN
7F6-16642-01-00 Kart Clutch Axle Bearing / Bushing
Yamaha 7FK-14137-00-00 FLOAT NEEDLE CLIP
Yamaha 7H3-82131-00-00 BAND, BATTERY
7YK-13563-00-00 Carb Gasket Kart
7YK-13566-00-00 Carb Gasket Kart
87A-13621-00-00 Intake Gasket
90101-10573-00 Cap Screw Bolt
90102-10057-00 Riva Front Wheel Bolt
90109-08607 Riva Fork Bolt
90109-08629-00 Exhaust Bolt
Yamaha 90109-08764-00 – BOLT,SOCKET
90109-08781-00 Virago Cylinder Head Bolt
Hex Head Screw 90119-06821
Yamaha 90119-06821-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
Yamaha 90150-05024-00 SCREW, ROUND HEAD
Yamaha 90151-06010-00 – SCREW, CROSSRECESS
Yamaha 90152-04006-00 SCREW, COUNTERSUNK
Yamaha 90153-06061-00 SCREW, HEXAGON
Yamaha 90157-04088-00 – SCREW,PANHEAD
Yamaha 90157-04111-00 SCREW, LENS FITTING
Yamaha 90159-05011-00 SCREW, WITH WASHER
Yamaha 90167-05016-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 90167-05077-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 90179-06500-00 NUT
Yamaha Race Kart 90179-10N02-00 CLUTCH NUT, SPECIAL SHAPE
Yamaha 90179-18020-00 NUT
Yamaha 90179-25033-00 – SPANNER NUT
Yamaha 90179-38408-00 Clutch Spanner Nut
Yamaha 90183-04005-00 PAL NUT, SPRING
Yamaha 90183-05003-00 PAL NUT, SPRING
Yamaha 90183-05042-00 NUT, SPRING
Yamaha 90185-10154-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 90185-10170-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 90185-10801-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 90185-10801-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 90185-14081-00 – NUT,SELF-LOCKING
90201-04325-00 Washer 90201-04027-00
Yamaha 90201-04325-00 – WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90201-05721-00 – WASHER,PLATE
Yamaha 90201-065F3-00 -SS WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90201-08085-00 WASHER, PLATE
90201-08609-00 Washer Plate
Yamaha 90201-086P8-00 WASHER, PLATE
90201-10118-00 Washer Copper
90201-10135-00 Washer Shim Starter Clutch
90201-12362-00 Washer Plate
90201-126A7 Washer
90201-12704-00 Washer Plate
90201-127E1-00 Washer Plate
90201-138P6 Washer
90201-140G5 Scooter Washer Plate
90201-153A1-00 Washer Plate
90201-153H0 Washer
90201-154E9-00 Washer Plate
Yamaha 90201-163M0-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90201-22M04-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90201-256E6-00 WASHER, PLATE (T=0.9)
Yamaha 90201-301G3-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90202-05187-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90202-06007-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90202-10120-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 90206-06090-00 WASHER, WAVE
Yamaha 90208-10012-00 WASHER, CONICAL SPRING
Yamaha 90208-12027-00 WASHER, CONICAL SPRING
Yamaha 90208-15037-00 WASHER, CONICAL SPRING
Yamaha 90209-18112-00 WASHER
Yamaha 90214-13055-00 WASHER, CLAW
Yamaha 90215-14186-00 WASHER, LOCK
Yamaha 90215-20231-00 WASHER, LOCK
Yamaha 90215-21256-00 WASHER, LOCK
Yamaha 90215-23265-00 WASHER, LOCK
90215-36234 Lock Washer Riva Clutch
90215-38214-00 Lock Washer Riva Clutch
90240-08122 Scooter Center Stand Pin
Yamaha 90249-12008-00 PIN
Yamaha Blaster 90249-14202-00 PIN
90269-03034 Riva Rivot
Yamaha 90269-03034-00 RIVET, SPECL SHAPE
90269-05079-00 Stryker Majesty Rivot
90280-03017 Woodruff Key
Yamaha 90282-04036-00 KEY, STRAIGHT
Yamaha 90282-05047-00 KEY, STRAIGHT
Yamaha 90282-05065-00 KEY, STRAIGHT
Yamaha 90340-14132-00 PLUG, STRAIGHT SCREW
Yamaha 90386-18028-00 BUSHING
Yamaha 90386-18028-00 BUSH
Yamaha 90387-066H9-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 90387-066H9-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 90387-067K6-00 COLLAR
90387-068F8-00 Zuma Fender Collar
90387-08M06 PWC Jet Unit Collar
90387-100L9 Riva 125 Front Wheel Collar
90387-101H3-00 Riva Front Wheel Collar
90387-102V7-00 Zuma Front Wheel Spacer Collar
90387-10620 Front Wheel Collar PW50
90387-10620-00 Front Wheel Collar
90387-125N7-00 Riva Front Wheel Collar
90387-13897-00 Zuma Clutch Collar
90387-155J0-00 Riva 125 Rear Axle Collar Washer
90387-165E7 Riva Clutch Collar
90387-16680-00 Razz Clutch Collar
90387-215M7 Clutch Collar XC180
90430-08178-00 Oil Gasket Grizzly
90430-08206-00 Zuma II Crankcase Gasket Washer
90467-09006-00 Hose Clamp
Yamaha 90467-10008-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90467-14015-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90467-24140-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90468-12006-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90468-26048-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90468-26048-00 CLIP
Yamaha 90480-01401-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-12237-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-12497-00 GROMMET
90480-13018-00 Electrical Grommet
Yamaha 90480-13398-00 – GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-14023-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-14229-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-22084-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90480-24186-00 GROMMET
Yamaha 90501-05764-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-06648-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-06725-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-08748-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-10245-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-12743-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-14M73-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90501-18576-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
90501-21133 Compression Spring
Yamaha 90501-21133-00 SPRING, COMPRESSION
Yamaha 90506-06309-00 SPRING,TENSION
90506-12001-00 V-Star 250 Real Wheel Tension Spring
90506-15001-00 V-Star Rear Wheel Tension Spring
90506-15260-00 ATV Front Wheel Spring
90506-17328-00 ATV Rear Wheel Tension Spring
90506-20158-00 Riva 125 Stand Tension Spring
90506-20308-00 Riva Stand Tension Spring
Yamaha Kick Stand Spring
90506-29273-00 Riva Center Stand Tension Spring
90507-20002-00 ATV Rear Wheel Tension Spring
90508-29643-00 Jog Starter Torsion Spring
Yamaha Razz Jog 90560-10236-00 Wheel Hub Spacer
Yamaha 90560-10360-00 FRONT AXLE SPACER
Yamaha 90601-195UD-00 BAND, HOSE 95 mm
Yamaha 91316-06045-00 – BOLT
Yamaha 91317-08020-00 BOLT
Yamaha 91317-08030-00 BOLT
Yamaha 91401-25020-00 – PIN COTTER
Yamaha 91490-30030-00 PIN, COTTER
Yamaha Roll Pin 91690-25016-00 PIN, SPRING
Yamaha 91808-16023-00 PIN,HOLLOW DOWEL
Yamaha 92990-06200-00 WASHER
Yamaha 92990-08100-00 LOCK WASHER, SPRING
Yamaha 93101-10090-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93101-12173-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93101-14102-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93101-25M35-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93101-25M50-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93101-28139-00 OIL SEAL, S-TYPE
Yamaha 93101-32118 Oil Seal
Yamaha 93101-32124-00 Oil Seal, S-Type
Yamaha 93101-34001-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-17264-00 OIL SEAL, SD-TYPE
Yamaha 93102-20N03-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-23287-00 OIL SEAL, SD-TYPE
Yamaha 93102-25270-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-25334-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-26398-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-28257-00 OIL SEAL, SD-TYPE
Yamaha 93102-30284-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-32241-00 OIL SEAL, SD-TYPE
Yamaha 93102-38417-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93103-28011-00 OIL SEAL, SW-TYPE
Yamaha 93104-19097-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93104-41119-00 OIL SEAL
93106-38046-00 ATV Wheel Seal
93106-40027 Front Wheel Seal
Yamaha 93106-46001-00 OIL SEAL
93109-12012 Shifter Seal
Yamaha 93109-12012-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93109-15001-00 OIL SEAL
93210-07135 O-Ring
Yamaha 93210-08006-00 O-Ring
Yamaha 93210-10096-00 O-RING
93210-10673 O Ring
93210-11437-00 Tach O Ring
Yamaha 93210-13016-00 O-RING
93210-13361-00 O Ring
93210-13595 O Ring
93210-13M63 O Ring
93210-14299 O Ring
93210-14579 O Ring
93210-16314 O Ring
93210-16629-00 O Ring
93210-17718 O Ring
Yamaha 93210-180A6-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-18322-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-18417-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-19123-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-19758-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-21190-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-21276-00- O-RING
Yamaha 93210-25552-00 O-RING
93210-347A1 Oil Pump O Ring ATV
93210-44383-00 Vino Oil Pump O Ring
93210-64893-00 Zuma Fan Schroud O Ring
93211-14421-00 O Ring Riva
93300-60804-00 ATV Bearing
Yamaha 93305-00602 BEARING
93306-00519-00 ATV Bearing
93306-00612-00 ATV Bearing
93306-20117-00 Grizzly Kodiak Bearing
93306-20211-00 ATV Bearing
93306-20336-00 Breeze Crankshaft Bearing
93306-205U1-00 Grizzly bearing
93306-30102-00 Rear Wheel beraing
93306-30212 Bearing ATV
93306-30437-00 Bearing ATV /MC
93306-30561-00 Banshee Crankshaft Bearing
Yamaha 93310-414J6-00 CLUTCH BEARING
Yamaha 93315-11040-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93603-14179-00 PIN, DOWEL
Yamaha 93603-22028-00 PIN, DOWEL
Yamaha 93604-08071-00 PIN, DOWEL
Yamaha 93604-10011-00 PIN, DOWEL
Yamaha 93900-00802-00 VALVE, RIM
Yamaha 94580-25082-00 CAM CHAIN
Yamaha 95307-06800-00 NUT
95380-06600-00 ATV Nut
95380-12600-00 Virago YP20GA Nut
Yamaha 9560L-10200-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
95617-05100-00 Fender Nut
95617-08100-00 Lock Nut
95617-08620-00 ATV Stud
Yamaha 95617-08620-00 BOLT, STUD
95704-06500-00 Flange Nut
95704-10500-00 ATV Rear Wheel Nut
95707-05300-00 ATV Fender Flange Nut
95707-05500-00 Flange Nut
95707-06500-00 ATV Flange Nut
95780-06500-00 Outboard Nut
Yamaha 95811-06080-00 – BOLT, FLANGE
Yamaha 95817-08014-00 BOLT, FLANGE
YAMAHA 96600-08030-00 BOLT, SOCKET
Yamaha 97011-06020-00 – BOLT, HEXAGON
Yamaha 97017-06020-00 BOLT
Yamaha 97080-06020-00 SS BOLT
Yamaha 97080-06030-00 BOLT
Yamaha 97080-08020-00 BOLT
Yamaha 97701-40518-00 Screw, Tapping
Yamaha 97707-40620-00 – SCREW,PAN TAP
Yamaha 97707-40630-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 97707-50012-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 97707-50016-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 97707-50525-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 97780-40130-00 SCREW, PANHEAD TAPPING
Yamaha 97780-50125-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 97780-50130-00 SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 98501-06025-00 – SCREW,PAN HEAD
Yamaha 98506-06025-00 Superseded by 98517-06025-00 – SCREW,PAN HEAD
Yamaha 98507-03030-00 SCREW,PANHEAD
Yamaha 98507-03540-00 SCREW, PAN HEAD
98517-05012-00 Pan Head Screw
98580-05012-00 Pan Head Screw
Yamaha 98580-05012-00 SCREW, PAN HEAD
Yamaha 98580-06020-00 SCREW, PAN HEAD
98580-06570-00 Pan Head Screw
Yamaha 98707-04012-00 SCREW, FLAT HEAD
Yamaha 98780-05016-00 SCREW, FLAT HEAD
Yamaha 98906-04010-00 – BOLT,SOCKET
Yamaha 98906-06016-00 – BOLT,SOCKET
99001-08600-00 Circlip ATV
ABA-5BE87-PL-UG GYTR Exhaust Plug
EU0-62280-00-00 PWC Drain Plug
EU0-62282-00-00 PWC Drain Plug
EU0-62283-00-00 PWC O Ring
EU0-67267-00-00 PWC Cable Connector
Yamaha EU0-67267-10-00 CONNECTOR, CABLE
EU0-U1461-30-00 Shaft Joint PWC
EW2-67255-00-00 PWC Throttle lever
FJ0-65913-01-00 PWC Case Packing
FK7-68313-01-00 PWC Start Button
Yamaha FK7-68313-01-00 Start Button Comp
FN8-6224F-01-00 PWC Body Drain
FN8-62513-21-00 PWC Gunwale Stern Right
Yamaha FV4-67831-30-00 Cap, Fuel Filler
GA9-U724C-00-00 PWC Choke Knob
GA9-U724D-00-00 PWC Choke Knob Screw
GE2-6784A-00-00 PWC Oil Cap
Yamaha GE2-6784A-00-00 OIL TANK CAP ASSY
Yamaha GH1-6141B-00-00 BEARING, COLUMN
GH1-63774-01-00 PWC Seat Latch Pin
GH3-U146E-10-00 PWC Ball Joint
Yamaha Generator Oil Drain Plug YF1-39013-37-51
YF1-52314-32-83 Generator / bolt
Yamaha 62T-14625-00-00 JOINT, EXHAUST
Yamaha 3UR-14933-00-00 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM
Yamaha 8A7-14613-09-00 GASKET, EXST PIPE
Yamaha 4BR-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
Yamaha 3GD-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
Yamaha 4DH-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
Yamaha 25G-14613-00-00 Exhaust Gasket
Yamaha 4X7-14714-00-00 – GASKET,MUFFLER
Yamaha 17L-1490N-00-00 PLUNGER
Yamaha 3B3-E5451-00-00 Gasket, Crankcse Cover
Yamaha GP7-U7831-11-00 CAP, FUEL FILLER
Yamaha 90185-14124-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 9560L-10200-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 99001-08600-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha 90430-06166-00 COPPER WASHER GASKET
Yamaha 5ST-E1351-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER
Yamaha 90430-08119-00 COPPER WASHER GASKET
Yamaha 93210-35879-00 – O-RING
Yamaha 93450-10823-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha 1P4-E4613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE
Yamaha Race Kart 7YK-13566-00-00 GASKET
Yamaha 93211-18800-00 O-RING
Yamaha 3B3-H3912-00-00 – LEVER
Yamaha 260-11601-22-00 PISTON RING SET (0.50MM OS)
Yamaha 3VL-E7653-00-00 – SLIDER
Yamaha 7YK-13563-00-00 – GASKET
Yamaha 93210-22803-00 – O-RING
Yamaha 35R-13613-00-00 REED, VALVE
Yamaha 90185-10801-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING
Yamaha 93450-21053-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha 92901-04600-00 – WASHER
Yamaha 92990-05600-00 WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 92990-05100-00 WASHER
Yamaha 90154-05042-00 SCREW, BINDING
Yamaha 90122-06021-00 BOLT, WING
Yamaha 90150-05020-00 SCREW, ROUND HEAD
Yamaha 93501-04011-00 BALL
Yamaha 90150-05024-00 SCREW, ROUND HEAD
Yamaha 92990-06600-00 WASHER
Yamaha 93450-17129-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha 93450-17044-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha Race Kart 90123-06002-00 BOLT
Yamaha 90119-06821-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
Yamaha Fork Bearing 93505-32042-00 BALL
Yamaha 93410-46079-00 CIRCLIP
Yamaha 92907-06200-00 WASHER
Yamaha 90110-06138-00 BOLT
Yamaha 92907-05100-00 WASHER, SPRING
Yamaha 90119-10M07-00 BOLT, WITH WASHER
Yamaha 93507-32031-00 BALL
Yamaha 90149-05119-00 SCREW
Yamaha 90149-03930-00 SCREW
Yamaha 93503-16003-00 BALL
Yamaha 92990-08600-00 WASHER
Yamaha 92907-06100-00 WASHER, SPRING
Yamaha 93515-32029-00 BALL
Yamaha 97701-40530-00- SCREW, TAPPING
Yamaha 98503-04010-00 – SCREW,PAN HEAD
Yamaha 98903-06012-00 – SCREW
Yamaha 93317-22021-00 BEARING
Yamaha 91810-03014-00 – PIN,DOWEL
Yamaha 93315-11040-00 BEARING
Yamaha 90159-06067-00 SCREW, WITH WASHER
Yamaha 93102-28329-00 – OIL SEAL,S-TYPE
Yamaha 93210-13361-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-10673-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93306-00427-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93605-10090-00 PIN, DOWEL
Yamaha 98503-04010-00 – SCREW,PAN HEAD
Yamaha 93102-22014-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93103-32171-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93102-43341-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93103-25098-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93210-07135-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-45562-00 – O-RING (55X)
Yamaha 97701-40518-00 Screw, Tapping
Yamaha 93109-28043-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93109-42038-00 OIL SEAL, SDO-TYPE
Yamaha 93102-25334-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93210-29198-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-06564-00 – O-RING
Yamaha 94662-19001-00 JOINT CHAIN
Yamaha 93106-40027-00 OIL SEAL
Yamaha 93306-00316-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93306-305U6-00 BEARING
Yamaha 1J7-12119-01-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
Yamaha 51Y-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
Yamaha 22F-12119-01-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
Yamaha 5H0-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
Yamaha 3FV-12153-00-00 LIFTER, VALVE
Yamaha 341-12119-02-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM
Yamaha 25G-12121-00-00 VALVE, EXHAUST
Yamaha 1HX-12168-60-00 PAD, ADJUSTING 2 (1.35)
Yamaha 1HX-12168-40-00 PAD, ADJUSTING 2 (1.30)
Yamaha 50M-12170-00-00- CAMSHAFT ASSY
Yamaha 93210-64893-00 O-RING
Yamaha 90387-101H3-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 93210-68575-00 O-RING
Yamaha 2JA-27475-60-00 CAP
Yamaha 93210-63556-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93306-30102-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93306-20117-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93306-307U3-00 BEARING
Yamaha 1GJ-16111-01-00 GEAR, PRIMARY DRIVE (14T)
Yamaha 93306-20009-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93306-204X4-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93306-205YU-00 BEARING
Yamaha 93210-64297-00 O-RING
Yamaha 25G-28356-00-00 STAY
Yamaha 5G3-28347-01-00 Mold
Yamaha Riva Clutch 5G3-15657-01-00
Yamaha 738-14522-00-00 NEEDLE, IDLE
Yamaha Speedometer Drive 2E9-25138-00-00 GEAR METER
Yamaha 2EK-83313-00-00 GASKET, FLASHER LENS
Yamaha 25G-83332-00-00 LENS REAR FLASHER (L.H)
Yamaha 25G-83322-00-00 . Lens, Flasher 2 (R.H)
Yamaha 50W-83322-00-00 LENS, FLASHER
Yamaha 3EK-83322-00-00 . Lens, Flasher
Yamaha 22F-12117-02-00 RETAINER, VALVE SPRING
Yamaha Race Kart 787-11681-00-00 PIN CRANK
Yamaha 26H-12578-00-00 HOSE
Yamaha 22F-12114-00-00 SPRING, VALVE OUTER
Yamaha 25G-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE
Yamaha 4G0-12114-01-00 SPRING, VALVE OUTER
Yamaha 3AJ-13325-00-00 GEAR, PUMP DRIVEN
Yamaha Plug 50M-13455-00-00
Yamaha 4RF-12213-00-00 GASKET, TENSIONER CASE
Yamaha 3DM-12213-00-00 GASKET TENSIONER CASE
Yamaha 25G-13541-00-00 VALVE, MIX CONTROL
Yamaha 2GM-13178-00-00 GEAR, PUMP DRIVE
Yamaha 11H-12111-00-00 VALVE, intake
Yamaha 4G0-12116-01-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING
Yamaha 4BE-12213-00-00 – GASKET TENSIONER CASE
Yamaha 3BT-12213-00-00 GASKET TENSIONER CASE
Yamaha 5X2-12428-10-00 GASKET, HSNG COVER
Yamaha 90387-165E7-00 – COLLAR
Yamaha 2EK-85137-00-00 BASE, REFLECTOR (R. H.)
Yamaha 90506-17328-00 SPRING, TENSION
Yamaha 90109-08607-00 BOLT
Yamaha 32N-17684-00-00 SEAT, SEC SPRING
Yamaha 3KJ-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
Yamaha 4SC-E3621-00-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT
Yamaha 93306-00315-00 BEARING
Yamaha 90201-08092-00 – WASHER,PLATE
Yamaha 90201-04325-00 – WASHER, PLATE
Yamaha 20G-83318-00-00 STAY, FLASHER
Yamaha 90387-215M7-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 90387-16680-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 90387-202H2-00 COLLAR
Yamaha 1MM-21781-00-00 EMBLEM
Yamaha 3VL-H3915-00-00 SCREW, LEVER FITTING
Yamaha 90282-05050-00 KEY, STRAIGHT
Yamaha 193-14142-27-00 JET, PILOT #27.5
Yamaha 50W-2639G-00-00 – DAMPER
Yamaha 90170-12338-00 NUT
Yamaha 517-14190-15-00 VALVE, FLOAT
Yamaha 17L-14103-00-00 THROTTLE SCREW SET
Yamaha 93210-53679-00 O-RING
Yamaha 93210-50582-00 O-RING
Yamaha 90430-14175-00 Gasket